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I am always ready to answer any questions you have about my service, what value I can add or a business idea you have.

Contact Us if you can't find what you are looking for.

  • Why 'CutMustard™'?
    Anything sub-par is not CutMustard. Great design has to tell a story at a glance. Your branding must reflect you and what you stand for and we'll make sure that happens. Your business' first impression really does count for a lot of conversion or 'drop-off'. Don't let your brand, or online or offline presence let you down.
  • I don't have much budget, how much are your services?
    I was charged out at over £1500 per day. A fraction of that went on design/creative and the rest went on micromanagers, fancy offices and boss' nice cars. I can offer the same high-level creative at a fraction of the price. I would like to think I can work with you to create excellence within your budget and when you are more successful you will come back time and time again. Great things start with a discussion, I operate a personal business that helps personal businesses.
  • What experience is there at CutMustard™?
    I am a Senior Creative, meaning I work on a lot more than just design. I have worked at Campaign Top 50 Agencies, multi-disciplinary agencies, and in-house marketing & design departments. With 20 years' experience, you'll get solid communication, efficient account management, a quick turn around and great work at unbeatable value.
  • I am a small-medium company looking for a lot of design work, can CutMustard™ fulfill this?
    CutMustard™ has the capacity to rebrand your current company, start afresh, build you a website, produce artworked designs for print such as business cards and letterheads and more. I am proud to offer great, succinct account management that doesn't drag out the process or cost you wasted time or money and creativity that packs a punch for your budget.
  • Can you do video? As well as brand identity, and some press adverts, I would also like a TV advert concepted, can you do this?
    I have worked with great people throughout my career and my previous creative team partner (A great Creative Director) has a production agency, which is considered a sister agency to CutMustard™. We can fulfill most video requirements, from animations, social video to TV campaigns.
  • Why have you started CutMustard™?
    After working at big agencies as a lead creative for over 10 years for big brands like Wetherspoon, Merlin, Papa Johns, Blue Yonder, Ella's Kitchen and eharmony, I realised the biggest thing that decreased quality and increased costs is markup to cover costs that aren't the customer's fault. Rather than funding micromanagers, nice offices and the boss' fancy car, I can give you better quality work at a fraction of agency rates, whilst giving you better reactivity and communication as you deal directly with me.
  • Why choose CutMustard™?
    This is an easy question, using example figures for comparison: THE TRADITIONAL (EXPENSIVE) WAY £10,000++ for Brand Identity and Website. Going to a big agency, traditionally you pay high for me as your creative/designer to get good quality AND ALSO cover overheads and big agency fees. THE CHEAP WAY (It's cheap but costly to your business) £500 for Brand Identity and Website. Finding someone who thinks they are a professional on somewhere like Fiverr is taking a risk. It's a hard road and you do a lot of leg work, thought and managing them for sub-par results. This often really negatively impacts your business' success. THE CutMustard™ WAY £2000+ for Brand Identity and Website. I am about the experience of your customer - from seeing your business cards, journey on your website, or the shopper experience of entering your store. I think about the whole package you offer and the impression you make or want to make. The result is a huge amount of value, lots of extra care, attention and advice along the way and a solid foundation in which to start a business, refresh a business or reinvigorate a business.
  • Why has AThousandWords™ become CutMustard™ ?
    Great branding all has to give the right perception of your brand from the get-go. I am my own casestudy of how important your name is. Sadly rather than the majority of people thinking it was a clever ditty to be [A picture is worth] A Thousand Words, people simply thought I was a copywriter! So CutMustard was born. Born of my love of exceeding people's expectations, doing the job right, adding value at every thought and building lasting friendships & networks to work with in the future. Anything else just isn't CutMustard.
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